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Begum’s Chicken Biryani - RO 2.200 Perfect Combination Of Succulent Chicken And Safron Rice Cooked With Handpicked Spices To Achieve The Perfect Taste. Dum Cooked Over Slow Fire To Bring Out The Aromas That Enthrall The Senses.

Begum’s Mutton Biryani - RO 2.800 A Wonderful Treat Originated In the Royal Kitchens and Served At Special Gatherings Held By the Great Mughal Emperors. Perfect Combination Of Safron Flavored Rice And Succulent Meat Cooked With Handpicked Spices To Achieve The Perfect Taste.

Begum’s Tikka Biryani - RO 2.600 For The No Bone Loyalist; A Boneless Treat. Choose From Chicken Tikka/Reshmi Tikka/Malai Tikka. Perfect Fusion Of Succulent Tikka Pieces Combined With the Traditional Biryani Recipe To Create An Awesome Treat.

Paneer Tikka Biryani - RO 2.000 Soft Cottage Cheese Tikka Cooked With Handpicked Spices And Flavorful Biryani Rice To Deliver A Com- plete Veg Delight.

Vegetable Biryani - RO 1.800 Biryani Rice and Garden Fresh Vegetables Cooked To Perfection With A Select Blend Of Spices.



Steamed Rice - RO 0.900 Steamed Basmati Rice.

Jeera Rice - RO 1.100 Long Grained Basmati Rice Tempered With Cumin Seeds.

Lemon Rice - RO 1.20 Basmati Rice Spiked With Fresh Curry Leaves, Mustard Seeds and Lemon Juice.

Vegetable Pulao - RO 1.800 Rice and Vegetables Cooked To Perfection With A Perfect Blend of Flavors And Spices.


Indian Breads from the Clay Oven

Tandoori Roti - RO 0.200 Flat Whole Wheat Bread Cooked In Tandoor.

Plain Naan - RO 0.300 Leavened White Bread.

Butter Naan - RO 0.400 Soft Leavened Bread Seasoned With Butter.

Garlic Naan - RO 0.400 Leavened Bread Flavored With Fresh Garlic.

Laccha Paratha - RO 0.500 Soft and Layered Whole Wheat Flatbread.

Kulcha - RO 0.500Layered Indian Flatbread Seasoned With Sesame Seeds and Fresh Coriander.



Cucumber Raita - RO 0.500 Yoghurt Mixed With Fresh Cucumber.

Boondi Raita - RO 0.500 Churned Yogurt Mixed With Tiny Fried Balls Of Gram flour.

Roasted Papad - RO 0.100 Spicy Papads Ovenbaked To Deliver A Crunch.



Mango Lassi - RO 1.000Chilled Churned Yoghurt Drink with a Refreshing Mango Twist.

Lassi (Sweet/Salty) - RO 0.800 Chilled Churned Yoghurt Drink.

Orange Juice - RO 0.900 Refreshingly Fresh Orange Juice.

Watermelon Juice - RO 0.900 Fresh Watermelon Juice.

Fresh Lime Soda - RO 0.600 Refreshing Lemon Juice Served With Soda.

Fresh Lime Water - RO 0.600 Fresh Lemon Juice Served With Water.

Aerated Drinks - RO 0.200 Take Your Pick.

Tea - RO 0.400 Classic Brewed Indian Chai.

Coffee - RO 0.400 Classic Coffee.

Mineral Water (Large) - RO 0.200

Mineral Water (Small) - RO 0.150

Sparkling Water (Small) - RO 0.600

Sparkling Water (Large) - RO 1.000



Phirni - RO 0.900 Delicately Flavored Rice Pudding Made From Milk and Flavored With Safron, An All Time Favorite.

Shahi Tukra - RO 0.900 Traditional Favorite Bread Pudding Infused With Safron And Dry Fruits, Truly A Royal Treat.

Gulab Jamun - RO 0.800 Fried Milk Khoya Balls Soaked In Rose Scented Syrup.

Ice Cream - RO 0.600 Choice Of Vanilla, Chocolate Or Strawberry.

Rasmalai - RO 1.000 Soft Cottage Cheese Balls Served In Chilled Safron Infused Creamy Milk.



Non Vegetarian

Tandoori Chicken (Full) - RO 3.800 Meticulously Cooked In Tandoor Where Forming A Light Crusts On The Outside But Leaves The Inside Moist And Succulent.

Tandoori Chicken (Half) - RO 2.400 Meticulously Cooked In Tandoor Where Forming A Light Crusts On The Outside But Leaves The Inside Moist And Succulent.

Tangdi Kebab - RO 2.200 Chicken Drumsticks Marinated In Yoghurt And Spices Grilled To Perfection To Bring You A Succulent Treat. A Portion Has Four.

Chicken Seekh Kebab - RO 2.200 Chicken Mince Tempered With Select Spices Skewered And Grilled.

Reshmi Kebab - RO 2.400 Tender Boneless Chicken Marinated With Yoghurt And Herbs. A Portion Has Eight.

Murg Malai Kebab - RO 2.400 Chicken Marinated In Cream And Spices And Grilled To Perfection. A Portion Has Eight.

Lehsuni Tikka - RO 2.400 Boneless Chicken Flavored With Garlic And Grilled To Perfection. A Portion Has Eight.

Banjara Kebab - RO 2.400 Boneless Chicken Flavored With Ginger Grilled To Perfection. A Portion Has Eight.

Pahadi Kebab - RO 2.400 Chicken Flavored With Aromatic Herbs And Grilled To Perfection. A Portion Has Eight.

Mutton Seekh Kebab - RO 2.600 Minced Meat Tempered With Select Spices Skewered And Grilled.

Turki Boti - RO 3.200 Boneless Cubes of Mutton Marinated With Herbs and Spices And Cooked To Perfection In Tandoor. A Portion has Six.

Gajab Ki Boti - RO 3.200 Boneless Cubes of Mutton Cooked In Tandoor And Flavored With Chef’s Special Masala. A Portion has Six.


Paneer Tikka - RO 2.200 Soft Juicy Paneer Marinated And Cooked In Tandoor. A Portion Has Eight.

Paneer Malai Tikka - RO 2.000 Tender Pieces of Paneer Marinated In Cream, Herbs And Cooked To Perfection. A Portion Has Eight.

Hara Bhara Kebab - RO 1.800 Kebabs Made With Garden Fresh Greens. A Portion Has Eight.

Vegetarian Seekh Kebab - RO 1.800 Skewered Delicious Kebabs Of Mixed Vegetables Grilled To Perfection.

Achaari Aloo - RO 1.800 Potatoes Marinated In A Delicious Mix of Pickle and Herbs and Grilled To Perfection.

Tandoori Mushroom - RO 1.800 Whole Mushroom’s Marinated And Perfectly Cooked In Tandoor.



Mutton Shorba - RO 1.000 Traditional Mutton Soup Flavored With Garlic And Herbs.

Chicken Shorba - RO 1.000 Traditional Chicken Soup Flavored With Garlic And Herbs.

Vegetable Soup - RO 0.800 Nourishing Broth Made Of Fresh Vegetables And Herbs.




Butter Chicken - RO 2.600 Tender Chicken Pieces In Tomato Based Gravy Mildly Flavored With Cream, Perfect With A Hot Naan Or Roti.

Chicken Tikka Masala - RO 2.600 Boneless Chicken Marinated In Yoghurt And Unique Mix Of Spices Served In Thick Cream Sauce.

Begum’s Chicken Tikka Chilli - RO 2.800 Succulent Chicken Tikka Pieces Served In a Secret Sauce. Must Try (Chef Special)

Chicken Malvani - RO 2.500 Chicken Gravy Seasoned With Fenugreek That Delivers A Flavorful Punch.

Chicken Korma - RO 2.500 Chicken Preparation With A Unique Mix Of Roasted Spices And Herbs.

Chicken Moghlai - RO 2.500 Medium Spiced Thick Gravy Flavored With Egg And Herbs.

Chicken Afghani - RO 2.500 Coconut, Cashew-based Curry Flavored With Onions And Herbs.

Chicken Do Pyaza - RO 2.500 An Onion And Tomato-based Chicken Preparation Flavored With Herbs.

Chicken Kadai - RO 2.500 Tender Pieces Of Chicken In Red Thick Gravy Flavored With Spices.

Roasted Chicken - RO 2.800 Drumsticks Coated In Thick Gravy Blended In Unique Combination Of Spices And Coconut.

Chicken Lazeez - RO 2.600 Special Preparation of Boneless Chicken, Capsicum, Spices Served In Aromatic Delicious Gravy Garnished With Eggs (Chef Special).


Mutton Lahori - RO 2.600 Tender Meat Seasoned With Select Spices Prepared In Rich Cashew Gravy Garnished with Cheese (Chef Special).

Mutton Rogan Josh - RO 2.800 Succulent Pieces of Meat Cooked in a Special Blend of Spices and Yoghurt. Deeply Passionate and Traditional Gravy (Chef Special).

Mutton Korma. - RO 2.600 Meat Preparation With A Unique Mix Of Roasted Spices And Herbs.

Mutton Do Pyaza - RO 2.600 Onion And Tomato-based Meat Preparation Flavored With Herbs.

Mutton Kadai - RO 2.600 Tender Pieces Of Meat In Red Thick Gravy Flavored With Spices.

Mutton Afghani - RO 2.600 Cashew Based Gravy Flavored With Garlic.

Mutton Akbari - RO 2.800 Boneless Pieces Meat Cooked With Juliennes Of Capsicum and Spices Blended In A Thick Aromatic Gravy.


Dal Tadka - RO 1.400 Stewed Yellow Lentils, Caramelized Onions, Tomato, Cumin And Chilli Garnished With Fresh Coriander Leaves Perfect With Any Combination.

Dal Kadai - RO 1.600 Combination of Lentils, Chilli And Capsicum Garnished With Fresh Coriander Leaves.

Dal Panchal - RO 1.800 Five Dals Perfectly Blended In the Right Proportion And Served In A Handi.

Dal Makhani - RO 1.600 Mouthwatering Combination Of Lentils Delicately Flavored With Spices, Cooked Slowly To Achieve The Perfect Flavor.

Paneer Butter Masala - RO 2.000 Soft, Cottage Cheese Served In A Sweet, Spicy Tomato Based Gravy. Simple Yet Special.

Kadai Paneer - RO 2.200 For the Cottage Cheese Lovers, a Thick Red Gravy That Tantalizes Your Tastebuds.

Mushroom Mutter Masala - RO 2.000 Mouthwatering Combination Of Mushrooms Cooked With Green Peas In a Flavorful Red Gravy.

Veg Kadai - RO 1.800 From Our Chefs Repertoire, Assorted Vegetarian Dish For The Adventurous.

Malai Kofta - RO 2.000 Koftas Simmered Gently In Yoghurt And Spices. Just the Dish To Lift Your Happiness Quotient.

Palak Subz - RO 2.000 For The Spinach Enthusiasts An Array Of Picks From Palak Paneer, Aloo Palak And Palak Mutter. Go For One

Chana Mazaa - RO 1.800 Chickpeas Served In Your Preferred Style Of Dry (Tawa), Gravy (Masala) And Thick Gravy (Chatpata).

Baingan Bharta - RO 1.800 For The Aubergine Lovers - Smoked Aubergines Flavored With Burnt Garlic And Assorted Spices.

To Deliver a Great Taste, We Use Fresh And 100% Halal Products
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